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Build quality is really important to us. The materials we use are selected for their strength and durability. We use the same (or even better!) electronic components as some of the leading international amplifier manufacturers. All of this is just to ensure that our products are beasts! Kraken Amplification was made for musicians by musicians. We take our music seriously and as musicians, we know how hard it is to get awesome sound and high quality equipment for an affordable price. We went on a quest to create an amplifier that could rival the big brands, with a stronger build and a smaller price. And thus the Kraken was born!

Release the tone

Kraken Amplification offers you high gain guitar valve amplifiers of excellent quality. With a flip of a switch you can release the tone of mythological proportions, the like of which has not been seen in South Africa before. Our sound is tailor-made for heavy metal and rock guitarists who need that extra punch to their sound, but with a price that won't make your eyes bleed.

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We are working on expanding our range of equipment. A 5W "lunchbox" amp is currently on the design board, as well as a couple of speaker cabinet designs. We hope to make it available to you in the next couple of months. All our products will be held to the same high standards and will be strong and loud, just like the music we love.


Keep your eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to see what we have up our sleeves. We will be announcing some exciting competions in the not-so-distant future. You will definitely want to be a part of this!